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For those not too familiar with knitting terms (but would like to give it go) here are a few sites that give an insight to such things as:

Longtail casting

  1. Longtail Cast on for beginners - Video

  2. How to Cast-on: Long-Tail Cast-on - Video

  3. Knit With Me: Basic Ribbed Socks for Men

    1. Step 2: Long Tail Cast on, Top Down Socks / Knit with Me: Basic Ribbed Socks for Men - Video

    2. See the complete Knit With Me: Basic Ribbed Socks for Men Video Tutorial here

  4. Socktoberfest: Cast-ons for Comfy Cuffs - Document

Turning the Heel

  1. How to Knit Socks: Turning the Heel - Video

  2. How to Knit a Gusset Heel - Video

  3. How to Do a Heel Turn While Knitting Socks - Document

  4. Turning the heel – Video and Document

How to Kitchener Stitch

How to Kitchener Stitch - Video

The Kitchener Stitch - Grafting your Knitting - Video

Kitchener Stitch Grafting the Easy Way - Video

Kitchener Stitch Will Make You Fall in Love with Seaming – Document


Chris is calm, clever, patient and kind, a fab tutor and always attracts like minded so if that sounds like you – contact Lyn and get clicking!


If you’re a beginner and you have a desire to knit but you’re not sure where to start, contact our (1st & 3rd Saturday) Threads, Yarns and Hookers Group. Beginners to Grannies welcome.

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