MURRAY DISTRICT ARTS & CRAFTSEst.1975 • Edenvale Homestead, Cnr Henry & George Street Pinjarra WA • 08 9531 3598

Pinjarra Garden Day


This event is always well received and all Edenvale User Groups, Edenvale Tearooms and our sponsors are getting organised now to present another "not to be missed event".


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Edenvale Tearooms have regained their reputation not only as a beautiful relaxed and quiet location to sit and ponder on yesteryear but to enjoy the food prepared by the friendly staff. Waiting times have been reduced but it always pay to check and perhaps pre book as it is again becoming a break point for coaches.


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p.s. If there is a wait, why not wander over to the Liveringa Art Gallery, (behind The Homestead) or check out the Murray Arts and Crafts outlet, the Machinery Museum,(both to the south west), or the Pinjarra Patchwork and Quilters or the Pinjarra Historical Society displays just across Henry St (to the north)?


This Shire of Murray facility is located within Murray District Arts and Crafts Society's Craft outlet which is housed in the old PWD historic building within the Edenvale Homestead site. It is an unmanned facility however, the Craft Outlet volunteers are happy to provide informal local knowledge information.

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