MURRAY DISTRICT ARTS & CRAFTSEst.1975 • Edenvale Homestead, Cnr Henry & George Street Pinjarra WA • 08 9531 3598
About Us

Murray District Arts and Crafts Society WA Inc. was established in 1975. Back then our vision was to foster community engagement in arts and crafts within the Greater Peel Region of Western Australia and that remains our primary objective.


Administration Committee

Our Administration Committee is elected every 12 months and is responsible for managing all the society's facilities, equipment, support structure and ensuring a fellowship environment that can be enjoyed by all members and visitors. 


Sub Committees

These are established as required and comprise at least one committee member and member volunteers to manage one specific area of the society. Reports are submitted by sub-committee representatives during committee meetings for consideration, interaction, modification and implementation. Major changes and expenditure are referred for approval at members' meetings.


As examples, sub committees are formed for special events and to manage our Craft Outlet, the Barn and Liveringa and to address administration and regulation changes.



Regular half or full day classes are scheduled Monday to Friday and can also include the weekend if there is sufficient interest shown. Tutors for regular classes are mostly sourced from our very skilled members.



Our Workshop Co-ordinator assisted by a sub-committee seeks to extend the range of community art and craft provided by our society by locating qualified artisans to develop one to five day workshops within our facilities. Both member and public attendees are welcomed.


Craft Outlet and Liveringa Art Gallery

These facilities are used to display our members' works. Most are available for sale – members decide on the sale price, add our administration fee and attach a sales tag before submitting their work to the sub-committee for approval to exhibit. Unsold work is returned to their owner after a specified period resulting in a regular updates to the work on display and for sale.


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