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Printing Our Posters & Forms

Posters on our site are mostly picture files (usually .jpg or .gif) and can be easily downloaded and printed using most website browsers – Microsoft’s Internet Explorer & Edge, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and more. Forms can also be printed. 

The following method has been found to be reliable for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System:


1. Download the Document

Right click anywhere on the document and select Save Image As...

  • Save Image Panel

    • Rename the file (hint: to the name of the document – do not change the file extension)

    • Choice the save location (maybe Downloads/MAACS/Classes) and Save

2. Printing

Open the saved file location and open the file with your favourite Image app:

  • Either choice Edit (default application used) or Open With (allows you to choice the application)

Common Applications’ settings

  • Libreoffice Draw

    • File/Print/Print Preview/Set Margin: None

    • Set Correct orientation (Landscape or Portrait)

    • Print

  • Microsoft Paint

    • Set 0 boarders

    • Print

  • Microsoft Paint 3D

    • Menu/Print/2D Print/Print (usually no changes required)

  • Microsoft Photo

    • Ctrl/p/Print (usually no changes required)


Note that there are many other applications available and if you are familiar with one of those not mentioned that handles picture documents (png, gif, bmp, jpg, tiff etc) then use it at your discretion.