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Judy Richards

I first began China Painting in 1979 at the urging of my mother, a China Painting teacher at Murray Arts and Crafts. The traditional style of painting was very fashionable and I started to learn the basics joining my mother’s classes. The brilliant colours and designs in lustres caught my attention and I began to enjoy experimenting with them. I gradually found this a most exciting and rewarding medium of painting.


While I had a lot of success with the lustres I was able to go to Joy Crowe a very well known teacher specialising in wildflower painting and learnt more of Traditional Porcelain Art.


My main interest remained with lustres and over the years I have perfected my own techniques. In May 2004 I was accepted as a member of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Association, having a large membership of the top China Painting Artists in Australia and Asia. For me, painting is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that I love doing, hopefully for many more years.


Judy is one of our life members and continues to contribute to the well being of our society in many ways.