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Buying pieces of jewellery can be pretty expensive, even if it’s just costume jewellery. However, crafting handmade jewellery can mean much more than making nice pieces of jewellery pieces at lower cost; you can also make jewellery that closely matches your personal style and taste. By learning a few basic techniques, you should be able to construct unique styles of jewellery sets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.


We have a number of talented Jewellery makers and artisans who create many varied items, working with glass and beads to exquisite pieces in precious metals and stones. From intimate items such as ear rings and necklaces to more elaborate works, our makers show a wide range of skills and talents.


Jewellery making is both creative and enriching, enjoyed by hobbyists and professionals alike. For those who enjoy creating, making and designing their own pieces of jewellery, it is certainly a rewarding pastime that can produce beautiful results.


In our workshop sessions you can learn from others and discover all kinds of useful materials and methods to help you finish, repair and embellish your creative work with our range of jewellery findings to suit all your styles and designs perfectly.