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Lead-lighting or Stained Glass generally refers to the process of combining various shapes of already colored glass. The color of stained glass comes from the addition of metallic salts during its manufacturing. Stained glass is prominently displayed in church windows, as well as in certain styles of lampshades and mirrors. Creating stained glass objects requires some skill and precision, but can be a fun and rewarding project.


We have a number of talented members who are skilled in the craft of Lead-lighting and their work is on display in the Arts and Crafts shop. Throughout the year we run classes for those who are interested to learn more about this rewarding hobby. 


If you're just starting out making stained glass you don't want to reach too far too quickly. It is recommended to start with a smaller, simpler pattern that doesn't require too many parts.


Beginners might consider a simple panel to affix to a window, for example. You want a project that doesn't have too many sharp edges, that doesn't have so many parts to keep track of. A simple panel for your window can be a great start!