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After many years with a dual membership regime, MAACS members voted to change its’ membership offerings.


From January 2018 our society is only offering one membership. All members have access to all our art and craft facilities and have full voting rights and are eligible to apply for administration positions.


From 2018 the Annual fee is $50.00. Additionally, an amenity fee of $3.00 is payable per visit when using our facilities. The fee does not apply to Art and Craft outlet duties or Workshop attendees.


Please contact us if you would like to know more about the benefits of becoming a member. You can also download a Membership form (click on Membership icon) and mail or drop it off at the Craft Outlet once completed.


All applications are presented for approval at the next committee meeting.


Craft Outlet and/or the Liveringa Gallery Responsibilities

New Members wishing to sell their hand-crafted products either in our Craft Outlet or Liveringa Gallery will need to complete the appropriate section of the new Membership form and additionally will need to fill out an Application for Shop Code form.


To assist with staffing these outlets members using these facilities to dispose of their hand crafted items and art commit to 12 + 1 Craft Outlet/Liveringa duties each year.


Two members attend on each day in the Craft Outlet and one at Liveringa. Their duties include collecting the key, preparing the outlet prior to opening, placing signage out, general house-keeping, making visitors welcome, entering all sales (including art and craft items displayed in Liveringa) and completing a balance statement at close of day.


For those artists who do not actively participate in craft pursuits the responsibilities are reversed - 12+1 Liveringa/Craft Outlet duties or a combination - with the minimum number of duties remaining at 13.


It is the responsibility of each member to nominate the days they wish to do their craft outlet and Liveringa duties, and to update the shop duty Calendar located in the office. It is also the responsibility of each member to locate a replacement if they are unable to attend on any of their nominated days.


All Members are encouraged to volunteer for Craft Outlet or Liveringa duties. The Duty provides social inter-action not only with visitors but also provides an opportunity to view all the displayed arts and crafts and to get to know other members and their crafts.